Saturday, February 11

Pink Allergy

As I sit here and congratulate myself for only eating one Hershey's Kiss while making a batch of treat bags for Valentine's, I remember that there was a point over ten years ago (holy cow) that I swore I was mentally allergic to the color pink.

I hated a color.

I loathed the type of person I had come to associated it with- I can barely describe that now. I found any shade obnoxious. I would stay away from using napkins or touching clothing that was pink, I was so disgusted with it. Did some weird things in the past to avoid dealing with it, lol.

Nowadays, I can wear some pink without cringing or being completely exasperated with myself (or the fact that my mom shopped for my clothes) and I think it's great in small doses. It's just funny how some things change and evolve while other aspects of our personalities and characters stay the same. At the very most, they just become more defined and polished. I think that is one of the best things about growing up.

Lately, I have had a hard time finding anything positive about not being 17-19 anymore. As tumultuous as that time in my life was, I really miss it. There was much more good then than I have found since. However, there is only so much that can come from pining over the past while taking on the present. I've broadened my sense of accomplishment from finishing a few more projects today into where I am as a person today. Well, I've started to and it's giving me a bit of peace.

I should have pictures tomorrow of said completed projects. I am way too wiped right now to figure out how to properly operate a camera and edit photos afterward.

Had another Skype date with my bestie tonight and I think it makes us both feel that much more nostalgic for all of the times that we could just hang out in close proximity without really interacting with each other and it was perfectly comfortable. It's just really nice to hear her voice again let alone be able to see her via webcam.

Guess my emotions and mentality are coming full circle just like my list of projects are doing right now. Hopefully, I'm finding that recharge in spirit that I've been praying for while not needing to slow down. Crossing my fingers.

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