Monday, February 13

Next Digital Step

EDIT: Sigh. I'm sitting here the next day (Valentine's Day) about to type my post and I realize that the 13th's post never went live. Go me.
- - - - -
I have finally done it! I've cut down my online photo storage for this blog down to about 1300 edited pictures. Now, I'm barely using any of my free allotted space and I can post pictures that are edited in advanced to my heart's content here with no worries! That's taken so long but it's been well worth it. Now, the next part is to go back to each of my old posts and fix any broken image links. Oh joy, lol. it would probably be a good idea for me to back up my blog before and after. I should look into that after I'm done here... hm.

Well, tomorrow's Valentine's Day, but you probably didn't need me to tell you that. I have always preferred a nice and quiet evening at home than to go out with the masses at restaurants and compete with the ridiculousness it brings with trying to get into someone's good graces. A special dinner or night out at any other time means so much more to me. A spontaneous showing of affection has much less pressure in terms of planning. Hopefully, we'll do something like that soon but life is hectic in its own way.

The past two days have been an absolute joy on my body. So much sarcasm. I've gone two days without any caffeine and have no spare energy. Pretty sure that means that I'm officially hooked on coffee for survival. I knew this day would come.

Soon, I'll be back into my garden and starting on digital scrapbooking again. Half excited and half terrified of the prospect. Deep breathes, lol.

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