Thursday, February 2


I was going to update about something fun but I have spent several hours at school doing my observations, developing those communication folders for half a dozen kids, did mini demonstrations of crafting techniques, helped finish wrapping baskets of donations, and then helped set up over 60 baskets, nearly 30 gift certificate displays and over 70 individual kids items for the auction-raffle tomorrow night.

I'm kind of tired after a few nights in a row of just a few hours each.

Really looking forward to relaxing a little this weekend with it being the SO's birthday and him being really easy-going about that kind of thing and how the both of us are kind of staying away from Super Bowl insanity this year. It'll be the closet thing to doing nothing as we'll get for a while.

I hope we raise a lot of money for the school. I know that many of teachers could use all of the help that they can get after pouring so much of their own funds in already.

Because I can barely keep my eyes awake,

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