Friday, February 10

Dream Tag

I wasn't quite "tagged" because blogging doesn't necessarily work like YT videos, XD but I saw this video today in my subscriptions and thought that it would be pretty fun to do here.

1) Do you dream?

2) What did you dream about last night?
I don't remember all of it, but one of the last scenes involved me trying to make serving my family and cousins some scrambled eggs and omelettes and finding out that there wasn't enough while we were on some vacation. That made it a combination of memories from this past summer and Lunar New Years with a hint of a trip to California I took years ago because that's what a particular restaurant looked like... pretty odd.

3) How many dreams do you usually remember?
Either two to three dreams of equal length or one really epic saga and glimpses of the subsequent ones.

4) Do you have a dream journal?
No, but I do feel that it's a great idea and I have taken notes about things I dream about sometimes so I can remember them. I think that it's fantastic that Cat has kept them for years.

5) How often do you have nightmares?
I think roughly every other month. I have dreams that aren't very happy but I don't necessarily consider them truly terrifying or upsetting nightmares.

6) Do you lucid dream?

I had to look up the definition of this one to make sure I understood "lucid". Yes, I quite often am aware that I am dreaming. Lately however, it's been towards the end of the dream a few minutes (dream time-wise) before I wake up.

7) Do you dream in color?
I most certainly do but every few months, I have a dream where one color especially sticks out to me. Since learning about more color meanings with my studying of more Native American cultures, I have not had one to interpret. :(

8) Do you dream in first person?
I often do but sometimes I can see myself as if having an out of body experience or moment. I think that's second person. Every now and then, a daydream that's a story I made up turns into a dream so it's more third person but I'm not sure if that counts.

9) Do you have recurring dreams?

All the friggin' time. Actually, I guess not so much the past few years but growing up there were dreams that I kept having a few times every year. What's interesting about those dreams was that they were often in the form of an adventure that mixed many memories up and I would realize that I was having "that dream" again and would be able to change one small choice I had made before and it would unlock a different/ next part of the dream that would then be added to the recurring dream the next time I had it.

10) Have you ever had déjà vu?

Very often. In dreams and awake. I've had what has felt like premonitions and other times when it has turned out to be a memory I had forgotten. Most of the time, I have that sense that the circumstances/ situations have occurred at least twice already. Almost as if it was recurring déjà vu, lol. I do know better in that it's probably the phenomena of our brains accidentally filing stimulus that our peripheral senses are picking up into our long term memory bank. It just really doesn't feel like it though. XD

Well, that was actually a lot of fun to think about. Those were really good questions! I was able to catch up on a lot of rest today, get some work done, and then go to the ladies' night happy hour that a friend organizes monthly. It's really fun having a reason to try new places and socialize about work and whatever topic we decide to blurt out.

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