Thursday, February 16

Take Two(?)

Did I seriously just procrastinate writing today's post for two hours because I couldn't come up with a satisfactory title? Yes. Yes, I did because I am full of win like that. >_< Sigh.

At least grocery shopping and dinner was made in the meantime. I was yet again a hungry hungry hippo that's obsessed with peanut butter + something sandwiches.

My garden work was finished pretty quickly today. Actually, it was kind of bizarre and I had loaded up on coffee for the occassion. Realized early on that my thighs were sore from the lifting of dirt-filled pots yesterday while rearranging my space, lol. Dancing around the yard singing at the top of my lungs had nothing to do with it, of course.

New (and old) seeds were planted today, the pepper plants were fed, given another soap bath, labeled, and watered with some coffee-water to deter some tiny bugs. Here is the new layout:
It's a lot like last year, but I may switch the Bird's Eyes and the Tomatoes because of sunlight issues.
Many of the plants I transferred yesterday are looking pretty upset today.

From right to left in terms of the picture above:
That's the prolific Dill in the back slate blue pot after numerous trimmings.
That's Cilantro in the front and a streak of lettuce seeds planted in the planter.

Back Row: Big Boy Tomatoes - Cherry Tomatoes - Big Boy Tomatoes planted.
Front Row: Bigger pots are jalapeƱos that suffered some frost damage this past winter and had little black bug eggs under some leaves. :( Smaller pots are Chive seeds, repotted Thyme, and repotted Tarragon.

Two bigger white pots are Poblano pepper seeds and the smaller pots are Stevia and two Parsleys.

The empty red pots are Oregano in the back, Basil up front, and two pots of Serrano peppers.

 These sad-looking creatures are what remains of my Hogwarts of Bird's Eye Chillies.
Pathetic, isn't it? They've had what I suspect to be aphid eggs laid on their few leaves in the past few days. Ugh!

I really hope those guys come back like many people said they would. I cut off dead or really yellow branches and that's all that is left. I really worry about them, lol. My mom says I should just cut my loses and use seeds that I saved from my first harvest a few months ago and use those to replant them. I guess I'm okay if they don't survive this year. We all know how (fairly) well documented they became and we had a hard time finding uses for the tons of peppers we ended up having. 

I am very much crossing my fingers that we have plentiful growth now that we're expanding our inventory. Besides the bigger tomatoes, Serranos, and Poblanos... everything else is just my umpteenth try. Mostly trying for those herbs that haven't gotten very far. Maybe starting everything during a practical time of the year will also help too. Instead of, you know, June or September or some nonsense like that. XD

I can't to see stuff survive and liiiive! The silly jalapeƱos have started to try to bud again. Silly things. I feel terrible picking them off constantly, but it needs to focus on getting stronger first! The trauma everyone shows over the next few days should be... exhilarating. At least I have a better idea of what's "normal" and won't freak out as much. This is me promising not to be as new-plant-parent-crazy as I was last year. That was ridiculous, lol.

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