Wednesday, February 22

Family Talk

In the last 24 hours, I have been able to talk with my folks and my brother about how we feel about the situation. It doesn't make me any happier but it's helped me continue on with daily life again.

Been difficult trying to observe students for my practicum, let alone go through a fire drill and bus evacuation drill, to be pulled away to work. I guess it's the universe's way of trying to throw me a bone with starting to keep me busy again while offering me an unexpected short work day. I am grateful for the opportunities that continue to come my way. My heart still aches for my brother and our dog.


She could be anywhere in South Florida by now...

Crap. There I go being consumed by it again. Luckily, the Rodeo is in town this week and therefore there is no school for the next two days. Maybe I'll get some decent sleep during this long weekend even if my mind races with terrible thoughts and I start to panic again.

... This is the last time we, as a family, will experience this kind of heartache. We talked about that too. Twice in our lives is more than enough. I thought that was mind-boggling with a very friendly cat that most of the neighborhood knew that we had growing up. He had his tags and even a tattoo from the Humane Society we adopted him from. This time... we were that much closer to bringing her home... No, never again. My folks are going to stick it out with their fish, turtles, and birds until they or the animals pass on. No more sibling-pets/ fur-babies. It has almost been too much.

All I know to do now is to hope she's well taken care of and check-in again with local vets and shelters over the next few days. Maybe someone will either slip-up or step-up soon. I can only keep hoping and sending my love to her now.

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