Saturday, February 25


It's like rewinding half a dozen years.

Playing an old game with my best friend and even though we're quite the distance apart and many things have happened and change (in and out of game), it's almost as if we're sitting in that dorm room made of cinder blocks painted white at our laptops. We're screaming the same gibberish but there seems to be a tint of something darker looming over our shoulders. It's probably the fact that time has carried on and we're not where we thought we would be by this time, let alone be as carefree as we were back then. At least, that's from my perspective. We're definitely more jaded with life and people more than ever. It's a struggle to find, see, and hold onto the good.

Sorry, I'm a bit delirious and we all know how openly intricate the mind can get in the moments (or what feels like an eternity) before sleep.

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