Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Before I get into anything else, I have to mention what happened this morning. We knew it was going to get increasingly cold today. Then, we learned there was a 50% chance of rain in some parts of town. We saw odd weather coming in yesterday:

 Odd flat clouds blanketing the mountains.

... and while I was getting ready to come deliver the treats that I put together, IT SNOWED! What?! I live in the desert now. It's been getting pretty warm lately and actually quite nice. Yes, we sometimes get a freeze but what?! It hardly ever snows in town. Well, it did. It was rain, then sleet, then snow that melted and turned to slush just as it hit the ground. We waited out the pouring... wetness before heading out and here's a picture of what the mountains in the North looked like:
 What is this? I can't even...

Of course, just a mere few hours later, the skies are nearly clear blue, it's cold out, the breeze has died, and the only way you can tell it was any different is by walking on the ground and sinking a bit in the gravelly mud.

I did make it into school and delivered by treats and checked out the book fair. Here are some treats that were waiting for me when I got there! 
The conversation heart says, "Yes Dear". XD

 Bag of chocolates from FMIL. She used various mini stamps that had hearts in them. :D

It is also Arizona's 100th Birthday of Statehood so there are all sorts of festivities going on around town today. All the more reason to stay inside all bundled up warm. 

Obviously, I'm probably not going to follow my own advice and get out to till the wet ground in my garden area because it's that much easier when it's damp. I just want to get rid of as many weeds as I can even though I'll be planting all sorts of things in pots like I did last year. Nothing seems to be working out well yet. I do believe the dog got to my baby cilantro and annihilated it all. Sigh. Hopefully, this week's potential freezing nights will be the last for this season and I get started in earnest on this year's crop. *Snorts* Like I'm actually a gardener or farmer of some sort. I still have no idea what I'm doing and my Bird's Eye Chilies have barely survived the winter. :(

If you're into that sort of things, I hope that everyone has a nice time celebrating their love with those they deeply care about. Be it a partner, friends, or family. Stay safe, everyone!

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