Monday, February 20

Not Homeward Bound

I can't believe this.

There has still been no answer to my email (I gave them two numbers to call as well) about the family dog. This kills me that she could be just two blocks away at someone's house and not at home. Why would you post a "Found" notice and not take it further?

On top of that, this is going on a few days that she's not undergoing her flea treatment after my folks had temporarily taken in a stray kitten found under the hood of my dad's car. Sigh. I'm so frustrated and worried. She's a very sweet dog, so they may just keep her... I just can't keep thinking about it. My brother is becoming heartbroken and he has midterms to worry about this week. Poor thing. Poor both of them.

Ugh, I just wish we would receive some news. This just hurts.

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