Tuesday, February 21

This Sucks

Not only does this entire situation suck but it's heart-breaking and has consumed my life from over two thousand miles away.

With phone calls to shelters and vets, jumping and stumbling every time my phone rings or gets a text, not being able to sleep because I try to figure out the reasons why it's all happening, writing emails, and posting my own ad on Craigslist...

... some places were kind enough to take down my contact information and a description just in case she's brought in over the next few days but I even had one guy from a rescue try to sell me three completely different dogs instead. All this trouble and what do we get?


Neither me nor my family (I have no idea how to properly say that) have received any further contact from the people that found our dog. How could she be so close to coming home and yet not at all? How is that fair?

I've managed not to cry until writing this just now.

This just doesn't feel right.

Do I just start giving up hope and change my prayers to hoping that they give her a better life somehow? She's was always more my baby sister than my baby.

I remember being off away at college for the first time and hearing about my folks researching different breeds that fit the new family dynamic at home. I remember surprising my folks with a visit one long weekend in the fall. It was all the incentive my dad needed to take me to meet the breeder they been talking to for the past few weeks. I met a loving lady with her two precious prized Shih Tzus that were the proud parents of a healthy litter born during Hurricane Katrina rampage. My mom wanted certain coloring and we saw a little boy puppy that matched her idea, but my dad fell in love with a little girl puppy. He didn't admit it but I knew that's why within hours everything was arranged and taken care of. We brought her home and she promptly passed out from the day's worth of exciting events. My folks wanted me to name her and I thought it would be the funniest thing to name her: Kitty. My folks would go on to say it's short for Katrina, the hurricane she was born during.

 She fell asleep on this towel in a fallen laundry basket.

Who would have thought that this baby girl would grow up...
 ... into this loveable hot mess who nearly passes out by 11pm?
She learned how to pose for pictures on her own. : )

It's just heart-breaking. She was just another quirky kid in our family. All the weird games we play together... smushing her already flat face into a leg, couch, or floor to squeak a toy, how she sneezes and huffs to get your attention because she hardly ever barks... it just fit in ways we never thought it would. I can't keep typing this anymore... T_T

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