Tuesday, February 28

Yoo Hoo

Another stretched title is what that was right there. :P

It was a bit of a rough day so there's not to much to report on the home front. However, it's my baby brother's 20th birthday which he spent relaxing after midterms last week. He deserves the downtime! Got to chat with him a few times today so that's always great. We kept forgetting things we had been waiting to tell each other, lol.

I also got an update on Kitty and she is doing so well. Our thoughts will be with her at the end of the week while she undergoing surgery. <3

Even more good news today was that my dear friends had finally received their gift and that means I can share it without spoiling any surprises.

Quick, cute, and squishy little owls in their favorite colors of green and pink! Hoo hoo!

I'm not sure why, but I'm currently zoning out and fascinated with RuPaul's Drag Race. Many of these ladies are so gorgeous! Random, I know. :P

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