Sunday, February 5

Two Cups Short

Today was consumed by the fact that I was two cups short of a heart attack.

Two cups of coffee is way more than I can handle. I don't even drink it straight. There's all sorts of things added in. I was bouncing off the walls.

Thankfully, I've crashed.

As per Superbowl Sunday tradition, I turned on some Mario Party (that I've been borrowing from my dear brother for nearly two years now) on the Wii and played a few rounds. We are not currently receiving the channel that the game played on today so... yeah. It wasn't a terribly eventful day.

I had fun messing around on FB with all of my energy, was playing games on my laptop, and crocheting another food-related scarf all at the same time. Yeah... I may have been able to feel my body pulsing. XD

For the record, I was sort of rooting for the Patriots because I originally hail from Boston. Long, long ago. Heard it was a pretty fun game to watch. Just another specific time I get a bit homesick for my friends. Some day, things will balance out and I'll be able to visit them.

That's all from me today,

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