Thursday, February 9

Dance Party

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I've used that title before.

However, I'm really tired and cranky this evening so... we're just all going to have to deal with it. :P

Ever feel so much emotion that you don't quite know what to feel anymore or what to do with yourself? I've reached that point and out of habit when I logged online, I went through the motions of checking my emails, Google Reader, and FB games after a long day. Sigh, I bring most of it onto myself anyways so I can't really complain how draining it is all quickly getting. Eventually, that bled over to checking my YouTube subscriptions and... darn. I have totally written about this process before- the train wreck of checking out a video that leads you to something entirely new after just a few clicks? Yeah.

Luckily, I crashed somewhere that ended up being just what I needed. Breathe Electric is a band/ musician that I guess recently went through a name change to GOLDHOUSE. Um... I don't know but either way, I just want to throw an impromptu dance party in my room and just spaz out/ dance until I drop. With how I've been feeling, I'll probably become overwhelmed by everything that I've been feeling/ keeping in and start crying while I just lose myself to the beat. Then I'll probably get light headed, take a break, eat some comfort food, and either collapse into bed or drag myself back to my computer to surf the web. Because that's a term we still use nowadays. XD

Believe you me, it's very tempting. I'll probably tear myself up for a little while about it while I get a few more things crossed off my list. While I wallow in my mental anguish (rofl), I'll leave you with one of the songs I'm blasting into my headphones:

Remix of Paramore's "That's What You Get":

At this point, does it still feel like I'm an onion-ogre with many layers? I feel like I'm pretty quirky still sometimes, lol.

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