Sunday, March 28

026. Taking Notes

I like how I jot down notes throughout the day of stuff I'd like to blog about later that night. Ha ha, I can't trust myself to remember what I want to talk about. I think I've mentioned that before, lol.

Well, last night I was still feeling the caffeine from two days ago. Oh goody. Thankfully it wore off after tortured tossing, turning, and contemplating bashing my head against the wall. On a much lighter note about last night, the kitty treats me a secret gay lover. XD Let me explain. During the day, he wants little to nothing to do with me, like kitties tend to do when you're not their parental-figure. Or food, lol. Granted, I love to smother him with affection when I catch him off guard and I may have a higher pitched and easily excitable voice that he doesn't enjoy. Oh but come night time! I finally settle into bed and he comes to investigate. And by investigate I mean tromple (trample + stomp) all over me and stand on my chest and lean down really close until his whiskers are touching my face. He stares at me with his big ol' inquisitive eyes as if to say: 'And what do you think you're doing? Hmmm??"

So, I am more than morally obligated to pet him and cuddle him. If I don't do it properly, he squirms or shies away and would rather me just hold out my hand so he can use it to pet himself. If I don't do it long enough, he nudges my unused hand(s) until the petting is satisfactory. So unbelievably affectionate. If he gets really into it, he'll let me pet him however I want- even against the grain! He also settles in and relaxes enough to lay on me and take a quick snooze. On even rarer occasions, he'll headbutt my face and nuzzle me. I really love that when I'm awake and sitting up, but at night it just cuts off my air, puts my face in contact with cold wet nose, and gives me a nose full of fur. Overall, I do enjoy the time together because I love the attention and affection as much as he does.

But come the morning... He denies the whole affair. It's as if it never happened and never could/ would happen. I'm just another person that lives in the same place that he does that is too cuddly and unpredictable that flails around too often and makes really weird noises out of the blue. If I was just a typical secret lover, he'd still be affectionate towards me when no one was around but noo... can't have none of that! Regardless, I love him so. What more could you has for from a sweet kitty?

On FB there was a little application a friend posted that would tell you what song was #1 on the US/ UK charts on the day that you were born. Out of curiosity I found out that U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was mine and that the SO's was "Celebration" by Kool and The Gang. His is much more fun but mine sure does explain a lot with what I've been thinking about these past few... months, lol. I'm sure you can gather that from my previous entries too. :P

The past few days I've ordered bunch of crafty goodies from a couple of different places so I can't wait until they all get here! I actually don't know when they're supposed to get here, lol. So, I get to check the mail everyday and tell everyone that I'm expecting something soon! Some of my cards have been sent out so I can't wait for those people to get them (partly because I want to post the pictures already!). I'm still waiting to hear from a few other people before I send out the rest of my mail. Weird how you just can't really trust using your own mailbox anymore these days. /Sigh.

While I wait, I'm working on custom orders from my Etsy shop and doing my best to list semi-regularly to stay near the top of the search engine. Bah, I'm having a harder time keeping up with my to-do lists. Silly having high standards for myself. Sigh, well I need to get back to work- because if you don't like something about yourself, you change it!- when I finish this craft project/ order I'll definitely post pictures!

See you tomorrow and thank you for reading! <3 <3 <3

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