Sunday, March 21

019. What Did I Do Today?

I'm not quite sure where the time went, let alone what I did today. Well, I guess it's also a little earlier than I normally post. I've pretty much glued my butt to my chair and headphones in my ears to listen to online radio. I guess time passes faster without commercial interruptions, :) Go fig.

I had ideas that I typed up and sent to a beloved friend and that got me to actually sketch something from scratch! I miss drawing. I'm not terribly good at it but I like making weird creatures anyways. No shading or realistic proportions involved, I have a hard time picking those kinds of things up. I should go tend to my poor shop. I guess I'm hesitant to because it would make this tiny room even smaller with my junk everywhere.

For now, here's my sketch :D Imagine it in mostly shimmery polymer clay about 2 inches tall, lol.

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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