Monday, March 22

020. On The Confused Side

Today I woke up on the confused side of the bed. Went about running some errands, but because of my I'm-not -a-morning/waking up-person confused state, I forgot half the stuff I needed at home. Yay for more errands tomorrow. Also, go figure that I haven't been able to get warm the past few nights but last night I was blazing hot. Of course we'd only have one warm day this week before it got cold again for another few days. Really? Why bother? Lol.

I was typing a message with much difficulty. I sprayed my long-suffering cutting mat with sticky tack and got a significant amount on my hand. :( Boo, for not thinking ahead and scrounging out a disposable glove prior. So half of my hand kept sticking to itself as I was trying to type and figure out why my McDonald's strawberry milkshake tasted more like coffee than a fruit. It just added to the confusion. Did you know that Mickey D's is the top seller of milkshakes? Kind of scary and logical at the same time.

Random side-note:  Facebook sometimes has some of the funniest groups. The other day I saw one along the lines of "I wish that battle music would begin to play whenever I ran into someone I didn't like, like from Pokemon" and today I spotted a "Do me a favor? Does it involve me getting up? Yes. Then no." fan page. XD Got to love the honesty of universal feelings.

Well, I'm keeping this short today. A phone call has completely killed my mood that I have been building up the past few days. Lovely. In the meantime, don't forget to check out some of the other blogs I follow! Somewhere to the right of this thing :) Some are personal blogs of friends, others are crafty blogs, and others are just plain artsy.

Until next time, have fun! <3

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