Wednesday, March 10

008. I Bit My Tongue

It kind of smarts. Not so much the whole "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..." concept. I learned that from Disney's Bambi, lol.

Currently, there is a documentary on PBS World that is, I believe, examining the cultural impact of the Helvetica. Kind of fascinating how saturated our lives are with this font.

Last night, I talked to a dear friend who is bursting with ideas for herself, for me, and for- quite frankly- the world. You know who you are and thank you for staying up late to read my blog! I deeply appreciate it! <3

Well, a few project ideas were given to me, I'm excited for all of them so I won't go into much detail until more is solidified. *Cheshire grin* I think that's the proper type of grin... However, all of the excitement did get me worked up and researching programs at the local community college. I found a few mini programs that would lead to certifications for digital art and/or web design. To say the least, I'm very intrigued. It would be kind of nice to have some sort of credential(s). Instead of telling people, "Sure! I think I can shove a basic website together for you!"- I can tell them that I'm certified. Or certifiably crazy. Erm, I kind of forget the difference, :P

It is pretty cold inside today. Everyone in the house keeps putting on more clothes as the day goes on. A long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a jacket. We may have caved and turned on the heat temporarily, lol. Outside looks beautiful and would feel perfect if it wasn't for the chilly wind. Ooh, I should post a good picture of the sunset. Those are some of my favorite pictures to take. Maybe another day.

Sigh, I think I was building up a train of thought, but it was sadly derailed at the possibility of breakfast meal for dinner. Mmm, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Breakfast foods are among most of my favorites! I'll update later tonight! *flees*

--- Update ---
Oh man, we're watching the 5 Browns in concert on PBS. Five twenty-something years old siblings that were trained at Julliard, all piano virtuosos. They are playing a 5 piano suite of Star Wars music. It's is fairly epic, to say the last. All on Steinway & Sons, of course :P The tops are all taken off and all the grand pianos are shoved together so they can all look at each other, but the audience can still see all of their expressions. They've been on Oprah. Beyond legit, lol.

Well, that was what I wrote about the concert while we were eating dinner. The bacon was sadly a no go. Then I set off to work on that big batch I've been griping about for the past few days. It was a total of nearly 20 bracelets. I take at least 2 pictures of each. I also have to re-size and save every single one since my new camera apparently likes to show off how clear it can make big images. Yes, camera, I do love you and all of your talents, but I get it, lol.

Well, my poor little laptop, in computer age, is getting up there. It was never meant to handle media and, unfortunately, is what I'm mostly into. Music, pictures, saving those things I find online. I have a talent for pushing computers to their limit. I am, however and in my opinion, relatively aware of what I'm doing- where I go- what I'm opening. I would hope that this would balance my technology karma out. It doesn't. The silver-lining of this is that it regularly tests my patience, like aerobic exercise, and curbs my mild *grins* internet addiction. This translates into how most of my evening was spent: opening up each picture one by one, re-sizing it, saving it, closing it, and opening up another picture to repeat the process. Now add 30 seconds to 3 minutes in between each photo that shouldn't be there. My computer didn't seem to be doing anything else but be thinking for the sake of thinking. Not an extraordinary amount of processes being run, no other windows or programs running, I scan for ad-ware and viruses regularly, I defrag regularly, and I even rebooted twice. Yeah, this trooper of a laptop is getting up there in age, lol.

It has been painful, my body and I are craving sleep, but it's all done. All of the bracelets are up, the items in my shop rearranged how I like them, the FB fan page updated, and here I am reporting on the success. It kind of threw my whole "Okay, I'm not going to finish today's blog update until I'm done listing the new inventory" out the window. Instead of motivating me to finish faster (that being out of my hands), I am crawling underneath the finish line. What a victory, lol.

Until tomorrow, folks! Much love <3

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