Thursday, March 11

009. It Has Been One Week!

Yesterday marked one week of my daily blogging. Yay! Feeling under the weather and the immediate world surrounding me is working against me. Cats coming in being the fatties they have become after I only slept for three hours. He has also ended up whining that he's hungry after finishing his food. He's also gained a tummy in the past month. He was also eating crumbs and licking stains on the kitchen counter. "Feed me! I'm withering away! Pleeeeeeease???" As he flops on his side and his new pooch spills out from under him. ... Riiight. Suck it up, kid.

Two visits from members of the herd of children across the street. Within one hour. They get bored and decide to visit and purposely are more obnoxious than they are naturally to illicit attention from any of us. So, we answer by feigning massive amounts of indifference. It's kind of satisfying. Scratch that, it's is deeply satisfying. We only reward them with some attention when they've calmed down or are actually just lonely. I appreciate how everyone has different ways of approaching and handling the random kids, but how we can all band together and agree on: "Oh man, who's turn is it to tell them we're not interested?"  And other times, we'll be sitting in the living room watching television together and decide not to even answer the door. They are well aware of us, giant window next to the front door. Reminds me when I was about 5 years old (not 6-16), I did the same kind of thing. Except it was my best friend across the street, not random neighbors who's youngest kids were at least twice my age. I woke up with little patience (for unwelcome obnoxiousness) today, lol.

Not going to say much more about this, but wow, some 80's movies are really cheesy. Holy cow, lol. I'm going to go work on some project to work off some steam.

--- Update ---
Did various research. I'm just going to toot my horn and say that I'm so awesome! I hope this information will be put to good use in the near future! I need a more profitable project, but because I'm into making profits, but because what I like to do takes money to do. XD Crafting can be so expensive.

Good night!

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