Monday, March 8

006. Ow. *Eye Twitch*

I forgot how I was going to start today's entry, but then I got snagged in the shin by a kitty who doesn't do well at paying attention to people while he's playing. It smarts because it seems to be right in the middle of the muscle.

In other news, I don't think I dislocated my thumb from when I smashed it in a dolly. It may have a hairline fracture but I feel it's healing nicely enough and doesn't look nearly as bruised. However, that wasn't my other news, more of me getting distracted by remembering my other owie, lol. My mom sent me a care package today! Well, she bought the stuff and packed it, my dad sent it out a few days ago, and it just arrived today!

She sends some of the best and fairly random things ever. Some clothes, a special food in two Ziploc bags that came from VN, dressy clothes, egg roll cookies (! YAY!!!), some that flower candy, and fortune cookies! Lol, I had tried a few recipes to make some for the Lunar New Year last month and told her about it. She may have yelled at me a little, something along the lines of: "What?! Why would you waste time and money on that when you can just get a bunch for 2 dollars? Or you could have just told me a few weeks ago and I would have sent you a bunch!"

So... after a little /cower from me, I guess she decided to include them. So I find it hilarious. I may decide to post a picture of the food a little later. Right now, I need some food. T_T

--- Update ---
There may or may not (there was :D) an NCIS marathon being held in the living room. First season on dvd, teehee. Made yummy rice with my recently acquired goodies and ate some fortune cookies. Just thought I'd make a few people jealous. Haha!

On the last stretch with the latest big ol' batch of bracelets. So. Close. /sigh.
Until tomorrow, Adieu! <3

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