Friday, March 5

003. Sooner than Expected

Well... I didn't think I would hit a mental/ writer's block this soon. Ha ha!

Hm, I don't think I did anything too noteworthy today. I did have a craving for a chicken sub from this wonderful little place that specializes in Philly cheese steaks... bit backwards, I know (and I usually am a smidgen). BUT! The kicker of that is is that they can serve their sandwiches with Cheese Whiz! I know it's sounds gross, but I am a sucker for artificial cheese and maybe other artificial food things. Unfortunately, it's on the other side of town and the SO and I feel that driving maybe an hour in rush hour traffic for a 'linner' craving is a bit much.

Sidebar: rush hour traffic is never just an hour. Where I grew up it was from 4:30-6:30pm, with a minor one in the morning. Here, it seems that it's from 4:00- 5:25pm. And forget Saturday morning traffic near the malls. Or Sunday morning traffic after the late morning church masses let out and it's a crazed rush to any and every type of buffet in a 10 mile radius. Ooh, and happy hour is never an hour either! It's like 3-4 hours nowadays. Unfortunately, McDonalds still stop serving breakfast 30 secs before the minute they stop and early bird specials are pretty strict on their time limits too. What about carpool lanes? I know they're heavily enforced in terms of number of people, but I haven't heard about how strict they are about the times on those things. But, I digress.

I did get more bracelets done today with a custom order thrown in. I also decided to tap into a vat of patience and teach a neighborhood kid how to make the basic candy strip pattern. They caught on pretty quickly and well, at least enough to behave and stop chattering for the while they sat here, uninvited. Oh, is my bitterness/ crabby showing?

Sorry, I do love kids and being with them and helping and teaching, but they are still people- and I tend to have problem with the modern person as a whole. Lol. I think that's the nicest way for me to put that. I truly believe that some people should never be parents but are, sometimes many times over. To them, I'd like to say: Stop. Just stop. There is nothing wrong with not having your own kids. I know often said folks grow to love their children (hopefully) but it still leads to a lot of dysfunctional kids. The situation is unfair to everyone involved. (No, this is not the time for a "Well, life's not fair...") Lately, more often than not, I have been severely annoyed with other people's children. I adore well-behaved kids and the families and communities that raise them. Also, despite these feelings, I still want to be around them and try to lend a helping hand. I know a lot of, especially unprepared, people feel very overwhelmed and do the best they can, but I'm going to be honest and say: It's not quite good enough. Not that I'm discrediting the (hopefully) great amount of heart and effort put in, but help is required. It's pretty difficult to balance an idealistic but also realistic perspective on life. I guess that's why I try to go by a "Hope for the best, but expect the worst" mentality.

I feel I can be pretty open, or try really hard to be, as much as I can but wow, does the world make it hard in a new way in these times. I also seem to have a pretty strong... traditional sense about me? I enjoy structure and being polite and manners and all. I try to hold open the door for anyone often and I appreciate it when it's done for me. It doesn't mean I'm into having dinner on the table by 5 (which is kind of convenient actually lol) or mending the clothes all day long. Although my lack of cooking and sewing ability are not from a lack of trying. That reminds me of another result I got in the VIA character strength survey... I scored high on being curious and enjoying exploring the world but low on learning.

After reading that, I realized I may have had it wrong these past few years when I've said I've loved learning. The difference is that I like discovering and hearing about everything, but I don't necessary (or often) retain a lot of this information (*sadness*) enough to ever be able to teach it or recall it later on. Both are pretty heavy aspects of learning something. This also helps me in life in that I'll like hearing the same stuff later down the road like it's new/ pretty familiar. Again, not from lack of trying to remember it all or wanting to- I'm just not wired ideally that way.

... Oops, I stopped for a second when one of the dogs made a weird noise and lost my- what can I call it?- mojo. XD I would say train of thought, but we both know what I write/ think is hardly ever a congruent (I'm pretty sure that is an improper use of that word, lol.) train. Well, maybe it's a circus train with pretty random cars attached. Cars that like to sway and swerve while chugging and stumbling down the track. Great, now my thinking sounds like a drunk clown bumbling down the tracks. Wonderfully inspiring, I'm sure.

On that lovely note, I bid thee adieu.
Thank you for tuning in today!


  1. Vi!!!! I am reading your blog!!!!!! I started one when I first came to France but then I got lazy and stopped writing. So, I encourage you to keep going!! It's always nice to be able to look back on how you felt at different moments.

    Also on the kids front, I totally agree. Obviously some people never planned on having kids, but there are some people who I think have kids just because they think that's what they're SUPPOSED to do, regardless of their preparedness, ability to raise them, or even desire for them. And then they're kind of like "OK! I had a kid! Oh...I guess I have to take care of him now? Hrm...maybe I'll just have a second one instead". And so on. And in the end, like you said, it's just really unfair to the child.
    And those are my two cents on the subject. Or maybe it was 3 or 4.

    Steffi (:

  2. Hello Steffi!
    I thought you would start one. Pick it up again! I want it's address! I love reading your writing. Thank you for reading mine and I totally agree with how I should keep up with it and about the children. Just like how people feel like they need to get married too.


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