Saturday, March 6

004. 'Cats, Kitty, and Such

Just watching the U of A basketball game. Go 'Cats! Can't believe it went into overtime. Twice. Good gravy, lol. I try to follow it, I understand more NFL games instead, but it's so funny to watch the SO watch college basketball, especially his 'Cats. He gets so into it, clapping and whooping it up while he sits right in front of the TV. Typically, he's not one to get that openly excited about anything. It also doesn't help that I'm easily caught up in excitement.

Whenever I start watching a musical performance/ concert on TV and the audience starts applauding, I tend to applaud just as enthusiastically. I also find myself leaping up and cheering during particularly harrowing
sport moments. At the same time of giving myself a mild heart attack, lol.

We may be a horrible/ hilarious family if our future kids play sports or get into theater or something.  Fist pumping in the back of the auditorium during spelling bees with homemade t-shirts on, pom-poms, tail-gating, the like. XD I wonder what other ways I could potentially embarrass my kids. Wear lipstick (I normally wear it thrice a year at the most) whenever I drop them off as school so I can give'em a big ol' smooch? Pretend to lick my hand to fix their hair? (Gross!! XD) I have said that I wanted a mini van that I may get painted with blue flames. That would embarrass the SO probably more. Show up in a different costume at each open house? Or at birthday parties... Or when I pick them up from the mall or movies... Or videotape them doing something embarrassing. I'm sure I'll think of more creative ways later on. Like popping out of a cake during their sweet 16. Rofl.

I am not a huge fan of pet dander/ hair/ fur. Sigh. *picks off shirt and face* Aw, I miss my puppy. She's not even a puppy or mine. She's more of my little sister. A 3 year old Shih Tzu named Kitty. :D My idea. Totally a daddy's girl if there ever was one in our family. Lives with my folks across the States. Sigh. She's such a lovable dork. I'd like to bring her over here when I get my own place. The SO is just going to have to deal with a chubby little mop of a dog running around. She actually doesn't do much running, part of the whole being chubby thing, lol. She doesn't really bark or make noise either. And she will lick you to death. And she will love you forever if you let her onto your lap. She'll love you forever if you're a human being. Lol. Got to love dogs too!

Hm, so the Cats won the game! In double over time. By two points. How exciting! Now, we're apparently watching a 2007 Adam Sandler movie called "Reign Over Me". I don't do drama well , lol.  I can feel the mood get more intense, especially because of the background music, and I start to panic or cringe. Most likely, I'm expecting to cry or avert my eyes if it gets violent. Sigh.

Roar. I need to finish my grilled cheese sandwich. I may write more later :)

--- Update ---
So, I apparently can't type survey or spell embarrassing properly the first time around. Just got done watching 2012 with the SO and his family. I felt it was pretty good. Not nearly as cheesy as it could have been. I try to keep a pretty open mind when I'm watching movies. We also got a huge pizza pie from a local place. It was a whopping 22 inches in diameter. Hello, dinner for the next week. :D Well, I think that's it for me for today- off to work on more bracelets!

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