Friday, March 19

017. Be Prepared

Typing that title made me sing "Be Prepared" by Scar from the Lion King in my mind. :)

Well, as much as I try to be, I never seem to be prepared enough for, well, anything! Lol. I've been talking about getting back into crafting to help me through my recent funk and finally started on my new "self-taught" project of card-making. I started to after I got my wonderful Cricut during these past winter holidays by making simple postcards for a few special/ especially missed people in my life. I was really happy how they all turned out. I should be after the thought I put into little details like color schemes and the like! I'll probably post pictures of a few another time.

I bought some sprays last night to try to spruce up my old cutting mat and may have annihilated it instead. Oops! I also realized it would be at least 3 hours before I could use my mat, so no Cricutting tonight! But, that's not going to stop me because I finally got the nerve to try something new! I just finished one card and, as tempted as I am to post pictures of it before mailing it out, I will not! /soul cry.

Instead, I will post other pictures of the going-ons around here before getting back to the grind!

The hot air balloons that I mentioned seeing the other day!

WoW- inspired polymer clay figurines I made a while back. 
A set of totems and a sheeped pig! The SO played mainly a Shaman and Mage. :D
I think I'm so clever sometimes, lol.

Holding my poor Cricut cutting mat up to the light so you can see the damage.

I did, however, get most of the old adhesive off as planned. 
We probably didn't shake the can enough and that's why it began to eat away at my mat. >_< Oops!

Since I can't (aka won't let myself) post the card(s) that I'm making before their respective recipients receive them... I'm going to post the video where I learned the technique! I love Robyn of My Pink Stamper. She's absolutely fun and has a great collection of paper crafts that I deeply envy. Oh, wait. She doesn't want people to post her videos, but I can link her blog: My Pink Stamper! That is a link to all of her videos. I'm making a "Waterfall Card" Video #39! She also has great giveaways all the time, so if you're into this sort of thing start following her blog! All you have to do is leave a comment on the entries she tells you and winners are randomly selected to receive all sorts of great goodies!

Well, I need to get back to crafting before it gets too late. Much love as always! <3


  1. I love all your craftiness! I was really into scrapbooking at one time, but then started taking more pictures than I had time to scrap. So, my supplies sit lonely n my closet waiting for the day a pull them out to play once again.

    Your figurines are adorable! You are very talented. :) Can't wait for you to post pictures of your most recent cards.

  2. I started to really get into it last year but it got really expensive quick! Lol. You really should check out She shows a ton of really simple and quick scrapbook pages and gives tips on how to sort it all out and catch up! I'm about... a year behind now. I have problems just choosing a few pictures and try to include 90% of the ones I take.

    Thank you! Also, I can't wait either! Ha ha!


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