Sunday, March 7

005. Yeah, I Can Type Sideways

Sucking at sleeping sucks. That is as eloquent and honest a statement I can make atm (at the moment).

Sure, I'm upright but the majority of the fibers of my being are not in agreement. I'm trying to readjust my sleep schedule into something resembling normal and it's not working out so well. So instead, I'm trying to pump myself by listening to more Sam and Kurt on YouTube before I will myself to tidy up a corner of the room that I have annihilated with my possessions. Then off to work on a custom order at my shop and then general work on shop. An update is long overdue in terms of internet and business time, I know. It's wonderful that as I type my agenda for today I'm slowly leaning forward and off to the side. *Yawn* Sorry to whomever yawned upon reading that.

I'm so tempted to keep learning patterns to see if I'll be willing to start selling them. I'm picky. Some of patterns look quite cool, but I need a balance between something that is conveniently made and still generally liked. Odd numbers of strings are not my friends. Neither are patterns that are much more than an inch wide. Pets who like to chew on string are not conducive to having projects laying around. Neither is the alpha style of knotting, I'm very dedicated to the 1-2-1-2. If you'll look it up you'll figure out what I mean. I'm too nonsensical atm to explain it. : ) It's not that the alpha method is not hard to learn, you can really get into it pretty easy with a little practice, it just... doesn't look quite as tidy and tight-knit as I would like my bracelets to be.

I'm in the mood for making small figurines. Whether it be by beading or polymer clay. Unfortunately, I don't have enough supplies/ funds/ skills right now for either, lol. I go through phases fairly often, but when I'm in one, I'll give that topic/ task my all. And I often cycle back through phases, so that's also quite handy in getting anything remotely near done. Hm, I'm also craving super warm and cheesy nacho chips. With no seasoning in my cheese, please. Is that such a crime? Give me the choice, don't make it for me and mess up my cheesy goodness. Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese. XD

I think I need to stop typing for a second/ little bit, work on my aforementioned to-do list, and come back before today's post becomes complete nonsense. :D

---  Update ---
It's a couple hours later and I'm maybe halfway with the cleaning. I think I'm just going to clean and not organize because I can spend the rest of my life organizing and reorganizing. I'm a bit more awake. A bit. Lasagna is in the oven being baked into yummy goodness. Sadly, not homemade. I'll try not to hold that against it while I devour my piece.

Quick blurb on a FB note (because I am terrible at staying away from the internet):
"It has actually finally sunk in that there's not much a point to spending much time on FB without being obsessing with some simplistic game that holds a knife to the part of your brain that craves instant gratification. Weird. It's not better than email or photo streaming. And it's not even very good at those two things... P.S. I like the FB group that's called: dear bed, im sorry i left you this morning, take me back? ):
It makes me happy and sad at the same time. XD/ T_T *Caresses bed* I'll be with you soon, my love..."

After posting it and then reading it, I realize I'm still pretty tiiiired. Back to cleaning.

--- Update ---
I have two kitties playing behind me with a straw wrapped in paper. Aww...
I also am really, really bad at not multi-tasking! So, I also found this ADORABLE video on
ISN'T IT CUTE?! Yes, the capitalization was completely necessary. Look at me get with my bad, tech-savvy self with all these pictures, links, and videos! Oooh! And:
Don't all Asians shop at the Oriental Market this way? I know I do.

--- Update ---
I'm not very good at housekeeping. It's like a negative number. Being tired all day multiplies that. I believe that results in an even more negative number. I meant every part of those sentences. Every one.

... Until tomorrow, all- because this madness needs to stop. Also because I have written documentation of the promise I made the bed earlier. You may need to scroll up a tad. :D

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