Thursday, March 4

002. I Can't Seem to Control Myself

I'm posting a little early in the day, but I'll be sure to add updates as the day goes on. :) We'll start today off with a quote, because I seem to find myself pretty funny:

Me: "Ugh! I don't know why I have such a problem with just going to the bathroom when I need to go! It's like I want to lose all bladder control by the time I'm fifty!"
SO: "Ooh, am I looking forward to that one..."
Me: "*as I flee to the potty* Feel free not to buy me diapers but to remind me to do so..."

He's such a trooper. XD

Before I forget, can I just say how weird it is to see Google invade my life? First, looking up something online is called "google-ing" (I try to give Bing! a chance), then my alumni's email was switched to some Google app thing, I created a Gmail account for my WoW Guild and attempted to keep things organized with Google calender, my YouTube login is about to fail unless I link it to a Google email, who knows how many Google emails I actually have at this rate, and here I am with dear old Blogspot who has been Google-fied as well. Why don't we just stop calling it the internet and call it the Viacom/Google-net? It's kind of creepy. Like the creeper from another department you waved at one time and then started seeing in your floor's lunchroom and then started stopping by your cubicle when you came into work and then you show up at your mom's for dinner and he's already sitting at the table chatting it up with your family. That's pretty friggin' creepy, imo.

Mmk, onto current obsessions. I discovered the wonders that are Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider on YouTube! I'm easily obsessed, what can I say? I watch a batch of their videos everyday to get my fix. It also put me into a nostalgic mood about singing with the high school gang and craving to construct my own medleys. It's really hard! Lol. I think I'm better at writing parodies instead. I'll post one once I actually finish it *sheepish grin*. So, go check them out!!

Another obsession is finally the Sims. More specifically, Sims 3. I mostly got it because I'm a sucker for customization and the chance to build my own home? I'm there. Currently focusing on a couple I made that wanted a big family... 'cept it's hard to balance that and now have the parents die of old age. I'm only slightly developing an *eye twitch* over it.

Ooh, speaking of obsessions: Glee! I can't wait for it to come back. I actually bought both soundtracks. They make me happy *melts a little*. They also put me into a nostalgic mood. Man! I just need to go out and get involved with making music again! Lol. Oh wait, except for the kind of creepy song about "You're having my baby..." No, I am Not a fan of creepy.

[update] Erm... I may have forgotten what else I was going to post *sheepish grin*

But I do remember that I had a usually independent kitty fall asleep on my chest! I sadly don't have a picture of that or any of his recent super cuddly behavior. BUT! I did snap a picture of this 'nappage':


I have many pictures of this handsome man. He has been very sweet to me the past few days and it makes me feel like I've done something pretty stellar to warrant such... acceptance. Got to love cats, right? 

Trying to be productive in other personal projects. I'm gathering info for making my own recipe scrapbook but needed more details so little progress there. I also worked on more bracelets and got an order in today! Hooray!

That's all I can think of for today, so until tomorrow...
(Sorry, I have two friends in/ heading to Japan atm-at the moment! :D)

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