Monday, March 29

027. On A Mission

I was on a minor mission today that was successfully completed, but more about that later. I'm pretty sure kitty reads my blog because last night he just sat on me, just out of my arm's reach for a minute before finding a few other places to nap instead. I don't think he was too pleased that I told the world about our special love affair. :( Lol.

Our kitty came running in last night staring at what seemed to be nothing before I realized he chased a bug into them room. Personally, if it won't harm him to eat it, I root for kitty to catch it because I don't want it touching me without prior permission. Here's a picture I captured while squirming into a corner :P

One intrigued kitty.

I eventually had to get that suckah myself. :(

It looked like a mosquito but the size of a half dollar! It isn't but that's not a fun thought, regardless.Before we all settled into bed, I heard a ruckus in the kitchen and found two kitties in the midst of a hunt. Here's a video I caught!

Apparently, there was another one of those bugs in the house and our kitty's cousin was hunting that little bugger down like the insect it was, lol. I found the whole ordeal pretty hilarious. No matter how aloof the cats try to be, they are just a bunch of playful and irrepressible kittens.

My mission was to pine for my mail. Ha ha, not really, but that's definitely a part of what I did today. I also used the delivery confirmation number I was given and found out my package was "delivered" on Friday! No one at home has seen it despite checking the mail everyday and being outside several times each day. How sad! I wandered around the front yard for a bit looking in bushes and the brush to see if the wind may have knocked it somewhere but who knows. /frown. I called the post office and they said they'd ask the mail carrier when he works next and give me a call back. I hope I get/ find it somehow and that it's not written off as a loss by everyone else. I really wanted it. :( /cross fingers.

My actual mission was finishing a mobile that was custom ordered. I hope they like it and that it will be sent to arrive on time. Here's are pics of it with a close-up of the centerpiece:

Not the best photos, I know. I just wanted to be done with it. I am happy with how it turned out though. Alrighty, time for me to go relax and/or pass out in bed.

Until tomorrow, ciao! <3

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  1. I LOVE the mobile! You are really creative. More creative than I ever thought about being. I also love your figurines. I collect dalmatian figurines because of Lexi. *Hint Hint* Was that hint subtle enough for you? I want a dalmatian! :)


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