Friday, March 12

010. Twice As Long

Well, I've been awake for twice as long as I typically am today. Keeping this short, my head/ face feels like the beginnings of a head cold or all flushed. Lol, I have no idea how to describe it. I just know I want to go lay down and seeing how I may pass out once I get there, I wanted to make sure I visited my beloved blog. I'm so sweet like that. :)

Well, was in the car before 8am about to start the errands for the day and... I could see my breath steaming/ fogging up in the car. When I huffed/ or spoke, a poof of my breath. So cold. I did see two hot air balloons though and took a picture! Then my camera died, lol. So, maybe tomorrow I'll post a few pictures I've been meaning to post. Even my punctuation is labored. Ha ha.

I'm excited for a mini family "field trip" we planned this coming Tuesday. Yay infomercials! If it turns out to sound remotely legit, I'll probably post more- but it seems to take a lot to impress and make believers out of the SO and I.

I enjoy Real Simple magazine and... as much as she scares the living daylights of out me, got a free issue of Martha Stewart Living in the mail today! Yes, I did order it online. I asked for the creepy. I just can't deny that she seems to have impeccable taste in everything! Very clean, fresh, and classy. Also, somewhat affordable. I'm debating renewing my subscription with RS and/ or starting one with MSL. Ugh! Decisions. Or not getting either because I could probably use the $25 (per subscription) or what? Lunch for three adults at McDonald's. I have a feeling learning all sorts of tips is a lot better of a value. Sigh. I can always continue to raid their websites... Oh well, I'll sleep on it. No use dilly-dallying on what should be an internal monologue here. Not today, lol.

:) Yeah, I'm done. XD Hopefully more exciting stuff and more energy tomorrow. I think we have quite a few things planned this weekend. *crosses fingers* I hope the majority of the plans come through! Until then, <3!

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