Tuesday, March 16

014. Where To Go From Here

Well, where to start? I received some pretty bad news today, severely disappointed and the like. I have a lot of thinking to do about what my backup plan is going to be now. I was just really... this would have been near ideal for me. As for the field trip. We got there pretty early. One of the ladies at the front desk gave us incorrect information that made us think we were a whopping eight hours late. Eight. Hours.

No. We were there two hours ahead of the start time. We found someone that was working the event to confirm it. It was not what we ideally hoped it would be, it did fulfill the minimum we wanted from the event. We learned a different way of looking at the information but we're not in the right place to take as much advantage of this opportunity as we could at this very moment. Unfortunate that we're still at square one, but it's definitely an option and something to keep in mind down the road. Which is the most we could honestly ask for. I think the SO and I will discuss new options over the next couple of days and maybe do more research with the books I borrowed. Who knows.

My body is currently topsy-turvy over taking Zyrtec for my anxiety allergies and caffeinated soda to stay awake and alert. /deep breath and /sigh. I think I'm just sitting here stunned from the information I have received today. I honestly am not sure what to do right now, but I had promised to update after the field trip and I did. Maybe a family field trip to the Biodome 2 will lift my spirits, lol. Hm, I need a new craft phase. I shall peruse my collection and see what I should at to the current schedule. Hopefully while I craft, I'll have a light bulb moment/ brain storm. One can only hope, lol. I can't say it enough, I'm pretty bummed. However, that is okay, I did learn a few things today and now I need to figure out what is next.

Until tomorrow! <3

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