Tuesday, March 9

007. Did I Miss a Trend?

When did it become almost fashionable to be a parent to a herd of children? Just heard about another celebrity that had adopted several children. Granted, they have the funds to provide, but the time? At least this family had all grown children and not nearly as much a spectacle as a few other high profile celebs and their families have been. It's hard not to be cynical after hearing the media berate people, 'normal' or otherwise.

Go figure that I would say that and yet turn around and say that I would be honored to be a foster mom to a few great kids. Yes, I would like to have at least one biological child of my own, but the others can be from who knows where. Even outer space. : ) I would hope I'm a strong enough person to take care of a child with special needs as well.

Sorry, I just saw a commercial with, I believe Charlie Daniels, playing a fiddle really fast and realized I saw this video the other day of a man that broke the record of playing the violin the fastest. It was pretty cool. David Garett was his name. He did it live on some show.

Sigh, need to go get some work done. Oh shoot, a new episode of NCIS is on.

--- Update ---
I think that is as short as I'm going to keep it today. Or else I'll just keep jabbering about bracelet making or food that I'm craving. Normally, not a problem, but I'm not looking for fillers and don't want to write just to make an entry as big as I can :D

Until I have a better thoughts, hasta luego!

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