Saturday, March 13

011. As Straight as a Lightning Bolt

Mmm... working on new project today. Or started to and tried. That'll be my project for tonight. Texted/ talked to a friend who had attended a funeral near my home...county? I'm going to try to make a WoW inspired thinger. Also known as a figurine. I'm quite eloquent today :D

Ran some errands, tad frustrating trying to get answers from it seems everyone today. So I got a little fed up and just went ahead with that I had to do. Very "If you still can't decide what you want- You get nothing!" I don't think I'm going to keep asking for much longer, trying to do people favors should not be like pulling teeth. The local grocery store was crazy. A lot of adults completely disregarding each other and the environment around them. Very frustrating. It doesn't help that I haven't been feeling well enough to eat very much past couple of days. I really hope I'm not getting a cold, my throat and body temp seem like I'm staving one off.

The good news is that I decided to make my bestest roommate's family's baked macaroni and cheese! I still can't quite get the recipe correctly. It worked well enough last time I made it and this time won't be too bad, but it still doesn't seem just right. There's always next time! Mmm... next time... /drools a little.

But grrr to 20lbs of cat litter being $19 at the fancy pet store but $4 at the grocery store across the street! Am I honestly paying $15 for a box? Same brand and type. We returned the fancy box. Well, the SO did while I was trying to figure out what I could grab out of the groceries that would not hurt to eat and cure my lightheaded-ness. We used some of the money we saved to get smoothies from Jamba Juice across the parking lot. I asked for the sweetest thing, another customer there suggested something that tastes like a Strawberry Starburst. I got that, it does, and I can't find on the menu what it was. /cry*.  So, the moral of that little story is that I shall never know what to order when I go there. For the rest of my life, lol. /fail.

Not much else got done today, sadly. Still feeling under the weather and it just hard getting a straight answer from anyone to make the processes remotely efficient.

I need to go bury my sorrows and take my frustration out on a delicious mound of cheesy pasta goodness.
Until tomorrow! <3

* In WoW, for your character to act out an action, you type "/[action]". I tend to emote the same way while typing instead of doing a more 'traditional' *action*. You non-WoW-ers that still may have your souls intact have just learned something today! You're very welcome. :D

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