Tuesday, March 30

028. Jungle Cat! Rawr!

Gah, had some computer issues. Man, this laptop is a trooper but you can only watch so many videos in slide show form before it gets super old.

**INTERRUPTION* I just had to drop what I was doing and hunt down our kitty outside. Cats + Outdoors + Desert = Coyote Snack.

Not. Cool. The door was left open a bit too much a bit too long (it doesn't help that he's obsessed with trying to be Wilderness Kitty) while the dogs were being coaxed in and he couldn't be found when we were heading to bed right afterward. Ugh! Preliminary searches in the back yard yielded nothing, so we searched around the house with flashlights and calling for a few rounds hoping to find him hiding on something, staring at us like we're idiots for calling his name while he's in plain sight. No such luck. I finally spotted him outside trying to climb up a trunk of a pine-like tree and called for backup. We tried coaxing him a little but he was so excited about being able to climb an actual tree he kept turning back into the brush. Thankfully, he was promptly caught and brought back in safe and sound and everyone was cactus-needle-free. He is going to be beyond grounded. Like not allowed to be within 5 feet of any door that opens to the outside. /panic attack.

Whew. What was I doing before all of this? Ugh, kitty is clamoring to be all by the (sealed firmly shut) window. It's like the outdoors are his crack cocaine. He is still so pumped and excited. Oh, kitty, kitty, kitty. Man, you worry us so. He's like one of our little boys. I think he's my step-son. Well, more he's adopted me.

Okay, re-focus. Lol, I first typed that "cofus". Good job, me. Oh! An update about my missing mail! Well, turns out there's anther family around the neighborhood that has the same last name as me. The mail carrier realized his mistake, called me and then told the SO's brother (who was outside at the time) that fortunately, that family doesn't check their mail all that often, so he took back the package he falsely-delivered yesterday and brought it here! Hooray! Lol. Such a great mini-story with a wonderful ending. SO and I dubbed our nice mailman the Anglo-Ninja-Parcel Carrier! Don't ask, we're not morning people. XD

I hardcore organized and cleaned my little creating space today! It has been... abysmal, to put it mildly, for quite some time now. So, I'm very proud of myself. The next step is to re-organize the storage bins tomorrow. I will kick that task's butt! Oorah!

Man, I was going to post more about music I was finding on YouTube today, but our little man's adventure has completely taken over my world, at the moment. Guess I already have something to talk about tomorrow! Lol.

Good night all.

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