Wednesday, March 17

015. Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well happy day of Irish pride, the color green, and lots of drinking in the middle of the week? I have yet to look at a calender, but with all the hub bub on the telly, I'm assuming that that day is today!

I'm still pretty down in the dumps about the news I received yesterday so I've found it pretty hard to want to do, well, anything today. Skimmed through the majority of the books I checked out. It's irksome how it takes 50 pages to get to the main concept of the book and then only having maybe 5 bits of partial information result from reading the remainder. Hardly helpful as a learning tool. Thank goodness I'm obsessed with finding out more, so I can't help but look up the information I actually wanted but come on. It's an informational book! I was supposed to actually learn something! Well, thank goodness it was free thanks to the wonderful concept of public libraries. Just a waste of time, lol.

Well, I'm off to work on a project and research into my next. Just wanted to stop by today :)

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  1. Hello fellow blogger!

    I do love your blog! I'm not sure what news you received yesterday that has gotten you so down, but I know you will overcome whatever obstacles that are put in front of you.

    Look forward to reading more about the goings on in your life!


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