Monday, March 15

013. If I Had The Energy

If I had the energy, I'd be bouncing off the walls from sheer excitement about the field trip tomorrow.

We've convinced more of the family to meet us there, so hopefully we can get there early and get seats up by the front. Not the best eyesight in this party. I got so excited that I checked out a half dozen books while the SO printed the tickets during our errands today. Granted, only three of the six deal directly with what we may be hearing about tomorrow, another two are for down the road but along the same lines, and one is fairly irrelevant, but still, lol. I love my research.

Today was a beautiful day outside, the clouds are starting to clear out, the mountain tops still have some snow, and there's a bit of a breeze out. However, the weather is warming up- hopefully to the low 80's during the week! I'm a mid to high 70's kind of gal. Ha ha! Still, I'm tired mentally and physically of not being able to get, let alone stay, warm at night. Waking up sore because you were tensing up into a shivering ball despite three layers of blankets gets old pretty fast. : )

Because of such improved weather, it was really nice having lengthy heart to heart conversation/ day dreaming out loud with the SO. Again, surrounding what we may learn after tomorrow evening! I really hope the information and resources are legitimate and that the methods and tactics work for us. It could mean really big things or at least a lot of current stress lifted from our lives. Every little bit helps and even if it's not an ideal situation, maybe we can take something away from the experience and put that into good use soon. Having such an honest and realistic talk about some pretty serious stuff without the context of worrying is really motivation and almost uplifting. I just can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Never done anything like it before, but I've always wanted to!

Well, my other projects seem to be going well. I'm practicing the new pattern and have really gotten the hang of it. Maybe I'll use some friends as guinea pigs to see how they like it. I'm still feeling a little under the weather, so I'm going to keep this short. Going to relax with a stack of books and then tear through them! The last and least relevant book is about event planning. Something I've always been interested in. I like planning, implementing my plans on my own is another matter. I try, but it's often too much for just one person and I can accept that now and freely ask for help when I see that it's direly necessary, lol.

Before I go, I want to let a few people (Xem, Yoh, and Mr. Bigshot Writer, XP) know that I'm really glad to have been in almost constant contact with all of you the past couple of days! It's been really nice to hear about the trials, tribulations, and adventures and I'm always game to hear more. Thanks for saying hi! <3

Regardless of how tomorrow goes, I can't wait to experience it and write about it! See you then!

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