Sunday, March 14

012. Turning Around

Today's blog will probably be posted in little sections because I wanted to at least start on the entry so I can remember what I wanted to talk about after I get some work done. :D I can't trust myself to remember things like what I had thought about.

Well, things seem to be turning around lately. I've been down for a few months now, but have been doing my best to keep a brave face on and have as optimistic of a view on life as I can. Vaguely stressful :)

I pray more often than it seems I would. I will not make this a religious discussion. I'm more spiritual. I try to bring myself down from the often selfish/ condescending/ just plain mean mood I'll probably be in and realign myself onto the path I know I should be taking. A very "Be the person your dog thinks you are" bumper sticker reality check. I like to take that time to be thankful for all that has gone so right in my life- even the ordinary that is often taken for granted- examine what has gone 'wrong' and figure out how it's actually right for me, even in the littlest of ways. I make a point to think about those who don't think anyone would care about them. I am supporting them whether they know it or not at the time. I know I don't have many brownie/ karma points racked up (Yes, I know I'm surrounded by plenty of people who would disagree. Thank you all for the vote of confidence <3), but it's something that will always be in my power to do- so why not.

Well, with most prayers, one tends to throw in a thing or two for themselves. I've asked for new and different opportunities to come my way (and the wisdom to recognize the value- go Serenity Prayer!). I think this is one of those times that it's happening! I've had great conversations with my mother, those around me are having their attitudes and hope turned around for the better, and I'm having tons of ideas come my way with the help of some very beloved companions. It's all that I could have asked for and then some. Doesn't it always work like that?

Ideas for starting up businesses, opportunities to help friends who have given me so much in a way that I feel is totally doable (I often so guilty compounded by the fact that I often set such goals way too high), the field trip we have planned in two days (I can't wait! /dance), and I taught myself a new bracelet pattern! I'm looking into taking random non-credit courses to learn something new. The people I seem to admire the most seem to know a little bit about everything and have such colorful collections of experiences. I want to be like that. I'm not going to try to be an expert at one thing anymore because I feel useless to humanity if I'm not. I'm going to help because I love to help and I'm going to do that in any and every way I can. I am going to embrace my exploratory nature and learn how to do more than just survive but fight in the process. I have finished this period of hibernation and refreshed my storage of determination to tackle the problems that have plagued me so in my own way on my time. And this will be okay. Everything will be okay because we'll figure something out.

Have I mentioned that listening to the news and politics can be a real downer? Especially when you're pretty skeptical. It takes a lot of energy being really skeptical of the really skeptical, lol. Okay, a break from blogging for now. I will have various pictures to update with later on!

--- Update ---

Well, I typed more than I thought I was going to earlier. Bit unexpected what I wrote too, lol.

So, all that is left is to post a few pictures!

Of one of the sunsets a few weeks ago. Not the clearest but the colors were actually richer in real life!

A polymer clay figurine I made for my virtual son, Elim. I hope to make more soon!

 One of the bracelets from my latest batch that was somehow uploaded sideways. /tilts head to the right.

That's all I think I wanted to post today.  Tomorrow shall be full of laundry! Yippee! /sigh.
Hope you have enjoyed your stay here today! <3

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