Thursday, October 7

219. I Did Good?

I worked on the game today. :P I got the newest character I was mainly playing to the next... realm of game play. However, I wanted to wait for the SO to catch up (even though I'm the one that's technically catching up because this is a second character he created to help me out), so I went back to my original character. I've been at this for five years and she's... mediocre. Lol, it's the truth. In order to come out of retirement, I'm cleaning the place up and trying to become acceptable.

It's... frustrating, lol and I pretty firmly believe that much of it is user error. Because I've gotten help with my gear, my attributes, and my moves and I'm not doing a terrible amount better. Oh well, we shall see and I shall keep plugging away when I can.

"I get by with a little help from my friends!" *dances around living room* Lol, see you tomorrow. <3

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