Wednesday, October 20

232. Where's The Beef?

And by beef, I mean rum. And by rum, I mean caffeine.

Another full unpaid workday and I have a fully Halloween decorated door and hallway. :) Got to love using child labor to create handmade artwork to hang, eh? Bats, webs, spiders, Big Mac franken-monsters, foot print ghosties, and tissue ghosties. Actually, I was surprised that it got done in one day.

It is also spirit week and today was pajama day. I wore sweats, a tank, slippers, and big fluffy pink robe. It's kinda sad/ weird/ funny when you change out of your pj's into pj's to wear out. Saw some cute footie pajamas today lol. Kids clothing is too darn cute. Put together some autumn-themed gift bags for the kids to put their handmade goodies into to bring home. I hope to snag a picture of them once they're finished. I'm supervising the use of the class Cricut when the children are choosing monsters to cut out for their respective bags.

I can't believe that I toured all of Michaels and only walked away with a bottle of glue. Oh man, was it difficult. However, I have no room to store holiday decor and temporarily no use for cute notepads. /deep frown. Most of the stuff that was bought tonight were actually gifts for others because seeing them made FMIL and I think of 'em. Lucky dogs. Rofl.

No, I did not set anything in fire today. Yay me, lol.

All of this and no caffeine either! Ugh... I want to pour myself into bed right now. And I think I will! Ha ha. See you tomorrow. <3

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