Monday, October 11

223. In My Head

I've put a little more thought into what kinds of things I want to do for the rest of my life. Not just as a career, but in general. What habits, what hobbies, etc. Then, what I already knew how to do, what I needed to expand upon, and what I needed to pick up. It's kind of interesting because I'm not nearly as afraid as I used to be. Now, if I could be a professional crafting bum I'd do it. :P Yes, I do realize one can make some semblance of a living with crafting for profit, but that's not what I mean. If someone would pay me to make stuff for myself and gifts for my friends, that'd be great. XD Right.

I guess I really started thinking about this again when we were rearranging and checking out boxes in the garage yesterday. I found the boxes that contained tons of pictures spanning several decades and tons of memorabilia. It was fascinating. And dusty, lol. I don't think I've stopped sneezing up the dust and dirt from a bunch of states worth of traveling. I really wanted to go through it and spruce up the pieces that were already in books and organize the pictures that were just thrown into big boxes. They're great memories and their current state does not do them justice.

Then, I was talking to a dear friend that I recently reconnected with (I'm so happy!) about writing to our heart's content. Often times, having barriers and rules tend to stifle our words to the point of us forgetting how to express what we really want to say. I like writing, I do. This blog is a huge example of how much I like to communicate but for so long I had my voice stamped out that I forgot how it sounded. As part of my journey in finding myself and feeling good about who I am, I write and express myself to my heart's content. Sometimes, I even push past that comfort zone, just to see what I can do.

If I'm forced to write something for some purpose not of my choosing, I just write what I want to write about the general matter and then go back and chip away until it meets the requirements. I try not to do it the other way around- make myself cater to the requirements of others. I think it's a pretty good exercise. It's like that saying about the artist who was asked how he sculpted a... horse? "I start with a large slab of marble and just chip away all of the pieces that don't look like a horse." Lol. I don't know, it's similar.

Anyways, that reminded me of a fantasy world I was encouraged to create while talking with another dear friend of mine and the short story that spawned from that concept. I sent some of my notes, the short story, and a quick sketch of one of the characters to her. She loved it all and may be inspired to make some of her own sketches so that made me want to think of more short stories. Teehee. The slight problem is that my first story came from a half daydream turned dream and I kind of want subsequent stories to happen the same way in my head. I want it to appear naturally. Hmm... I hope it happens, lol.

My favorite genre of books is probably fantasy, but I really like sci-fi and mystery too. Nothing too too scary though. :P

I think I should go let me brain stew for a bit. :D See you tomorrow! <3

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