Friday, October 29

241. Brains, Guts, Or Goo

Either way, pumpkin innards are slimy.

I also just got more than half a dozen bug bites within fifteen minutes while trying to sort through more things. It burns and is driving me nuts atm.

I just had to go into class today to see the kids help carve pumpkins. It was actually my first time carving a pumpkin, from what I can remember, and it was pretty fun. They got to choose what shape the facial features were and helped scoop out all the seeds and such from inside the pumpkins once we finally managed to get them open. Man, those suckers were heavy, very thick... rinds? Once we were finished carving, we had pumpkin seed squirting wars and those little things went everywhere. It was so great. Just pinch a slimy seed between two of your fingers and have it shoot out towards a target.

I also ended up with a costume today. It was really cute to see some of the children wearing some of their costumes. Especially since we know that a couple of them are frightening/ frightened. Got a chance to see more during the fire drill. Of all the days, lol. I wore a brown shawl-jacket thing that was like a cape and I flapped it around like wings. I then remembered the story of friendship, "Stellaluna"! It's by Janell Cannon. She's a baby brown fruit bat that was raised by a family of birds. So I crafted a headband with large bat ears and made a few origami claws to cover in brown paper and amused the kids with my bat costume. It's such a sweet story with such cute pictures. So beautifully done.

We tried to make the room as dark as possible after we stuck in battery-operated tea candles. The kids did really well working together, dealing with the icky feeling, and helping find seeds. Lol. We personally have more pumpkins to carve for ourselves this weekend. Maybe we'll be inspired to get creative. Either way, I should have pictures of my makeshift costume and some pumpkins up this weekend.

We got back and the boys had started clearing out the garage for bulk trash pick up day. Hooray! They totally earned the roasted pumpkin seeds we're going to make. XD We also worked on a heavy rearranging of the rest of the floor space. I'm hoping to tackle some of the shelving asap too but we unfortunately can't be too ambitious with the record high temps we've been toying with this week and weekend.

Must. Not. Scratch.

Sigh, that's all that I can think for now as I am still feeling under the weather. Bah... See you tomorrow. <3

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