Thursday, October 14

226. Pen-tastic

Again, by pen, I mean keyboard. Oh wait, no. I really do mean pen. XD I had forgotten for a sec there.

So it seems that I've done more drawing than writing today in regards to my story. I also started doing research into the names of my characters too. I usually like to splice things together, but this time I think I'll use somewhat obscure but meaningful names. :D I'm kind of excited.

I'm also kind of sketching like a big girl for the first time. Well, that's what I'm calling it. I'm drawing the basic shapes in highlighter, then sketching out ideas on the base in more highlighter, and then going over the final lines in pen. This is an alternative to just sketching in pen and not knowing what was just an idea and what I finally liked. It's taking some getting used to and then I had to deal with my natural light going away and my highlighting disappearing under the lightbulbs' glow. Lol. One of these days, I'll get this whole drawing thing right. I've come up with some pretty cute, imo (in my opinion), results. I've shared them with a few people who seem to really like the pictures so far. I kind of wish I had some color pencils or something though.

I also tried to play WoW a little more, but the servers and game play are still... on the fritz in their own ways. Oh the joys of the week post a patch. It hurts me something fierce. Ha ha.

Through the magic of the internet... or more specifically, Facebook, I was able to find out that a friend who I have yet to meet is actually in town! Except it's for not very fun reasons or good circumstances, but in every cloud there is a silver lining. We hope to visit with her over the weekend. I can't wait! I think this has been two years coming now. I shall keep you updated on that. Maybe I should draw her a picture... We're definitely arriving bearing gifts. Psh, there is no way that would not happen! Just need to think of what exactly to bring... Hm.

Oh, I also had my arm twisted by the SO to play the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii tonight. He threatened to keep all the snacks away unless I played. How rude. XD He would have too. Action games always intimidate me. I am horrible at jumping in or out of gaming and then there's real-time fighting... and then creating strategies... ugh. It's just not my forte. I love watching other people play, oddly enough, but I've personally tried to avoid it or keep it to a simplistic minimum. However, I was hungry and I had been watching him play it so I wanted to try deep down. Okay, it wasn't all that deep, but somewhere around in there (*points inward*), I was hoping to play. So, I did. And I was easily frustrated and a little stumped and a tad fearful of the creepy baddies, but the SO did feed me cheese and crackers he prepped. Rofl. I don't know how ridiculous/ sweet/ weird that is but I know it's some high level of lazy. Of course he snuck in a slice jalapeno into my cheese and cracker goodness just to... challenge/ tease/ surprise me. Luckily for me, none of them have been too spicy.

I hope that this weekend brings good things around here. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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