Saturday, October 16

228. Spaz

Kitty yet again made a bit of my day.

Tons of work was done in the garage today. We can actually fit three cars and a motorcycle in it now. Plus, almost everything is on a good shelf. The left over plastic shelving left by the previous owners are how in the backyard holding wood and coolers. We finally figured out why one was especially wonky- they had assembled one upside down. Awesome. Simply awesome. Lol. Of course, they are cheap and warped from heat and bowed a bit from the weight of having stuff on them too. Well, they are out of the way. :D Hooray! Mission accomplished.

But I guess that wasn't enough. Because as the temperature was creeping up, we got the insane idea to do yard work out front. Yeah... more mesquite trimming. You can reference the post from a little over a month back to see the utter wickedness of these things. I'm all scratched up today but not nearly has bad as the boys who decide to throw a ton of caution to the wind in their stubbornness and determination and just get themselves stabbed by those thorns. I don't think there was as much bleeding this time around. Huge amount of space opened up by the end of both projects. It was a bit of a mistake to do it during the hottest part of the day though. I had to go inside for a short while to recover from getting a tad worked up. I actually put effort into keeping hydrated today!

Fast forward to the evening, I was sitting watching some TV and slipped off my flip flops. Within minutes, uber cuddly kitty comes and starts rolling on and wrestling with them! I laughed so hard- he is so weird! He just loves rolling around in outside dust. I guess I had picked up enough that he loved my shoes. He was truly flipping out like it was catnip, which is especially funny because he could really care less for catnip toys.

Speaking of spazzes, we got the weirdest handwritten in crayon on construction paper letter in our mailbox today.

Dear Sexybeast,
Yeah I know What 
your thinking "Man some 
jank kid is writing [blood <-- ] a letter..." Well I'm 
awesome so keep reading. 
I just wanted to let you 
know my friend almost
got hit by a car so I 
turned around and pushed 
her on the floor. It was 
funny because she started 
bleading.. So I laughed
Well my dog bit a car 
today then the car fell 
on it's side and died. 
Well I'm board of talking 
to you. bye.

- Love you
P.S. Sorry for ding
Dong ditching you!
<3 you

In those colors, at those times, with that spelling and punctuation. And a spot of faint blood at the spot in the [ ] that I put with their caption and arrow. No lie. It was sealed with a "Beary Cool" sticker from a Build-A-Bear set. What. the. heck? Kids need to get off the drugs. XD That was one of my first thoughts. It looks like a teenage girl's handwriting. I know my friends and I would say something similar... but... not quite. And most of us can spell. I would have made my friends correct it, lol. I don't really know what else to say about that. 

Or anything else today for that matter. See you tomorrow! XD <3

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