Thursday, October 21

233. Just Wanna Say

For some reason that reminds me of: "I just called to say: I love you! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!" Aww. Great song.

That wasn't the point, but still awesome. Lol. Another day at school and I dug up some owl pj's my mom sent me that I had yet to wear. They were so cute. And then I realized I didn't have a matching pajama top, so one of my regular shirts that kind of matches in color it is. It has lead me to conclude that if I'm to keep on this path towards teaching, then I need a to stock up on multiple colors of clothing and themed... gear. I have a really plain wardrobe for this sort of thing, lol. Earrings, socks, and t-shirts mostly. A few choice costume pieces too.

On nearly completely unrelated note, Provocraft announced the upcoming release of six new Cricut cartridges. No, not the ones for the one that costs a million dollars because it prints and cuts and it is also not the ones that were exclusively for Walmart. Only one is just for this site that had this amazing sale going on and I actually did not get anything. It kind of hurts, lol. Cartridges whose suggested retail price could be 89.99 and it's on sale for 19.99. Right. Deep Breath. I'll just keep eyeballing the new ones and figure out if I really want to pine after any of them. They usually give the green light to talk about the reveal on the various blogs that they work with not too long after noon. Well, it didn't come until well into the evening. I'm kind of surprised by a few of the new ideas in a somewhat confused way.

I was still doing this week sans caffeine. Well, it was another fast-paced day and we used the big Cricut Expression with the kids to make monsters. They are friggin' adorable. Fast forward past me wearing owl pajama pants and I'm a bunch more excited about tomorrow because I have caffeine. :D

See you tomorrow! <3

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