Thursday, October 28

240. Back In The Day

My big thing for today was cleaning out a hallway closet that has accumulated nearly everything but a kitchen sink in the past few... decades? Lol, okay maybe not that much but I was finding things in there that were several  years older than I am. So, it's not that far off.

I've been meaning to tackle that closet for a few months now and finally became brave enough to go at it alone today. It's where bandages, light bulbs, and spare sheets and blankets are kept. Well, among other things, lol. I bought a few plastic containers when I first thought about cleaning it out and I think I may need some more.

Wiping away grime and scrubbing away who knows what. I've come across tons of interesting things that have made it through the years of raising three rambunctious and rowdy boys and moves. It's awe-inspiring and even humbling to come across some old memorabilia, books, and decor that have been apart of not just this family but the families that they came from and there's a feeling of being pulled back through time and space when you hold these items in your hands.

And then, I sneeze a chunk of my brain out. Whatever, it's not like I was using it or needed it to live or anything. Bahaha. Yes, the head cold that I thought I would overcome after day has bits and pieces lingering. On the second day, I didn't sneeze once, went nuts the next day, and then today I had the start of a sore throat. Grr, lol.

But, it's been kind of cool going through some of this stuff. We'll see if I'm up to keep trucking away at it tomorrow or if I'll change it up and work on another cleaning-reorganizing project. Either way, I'm determined to get yet another one done. It just needs to be done one chunk step at a time. Just one step at a time. Sigh. I'm repeating this to myself, lol. I think I'm doing really well with reigning in my over-thinking and typical stressing out! While getting big housework done. Huh, imagine that. Man, I am getting older, lol. Or, whatever, growing up if these are my big accomplishments and daunting tasks. Ha ha.

See you tomorrow. I feel kinda dusty, lol. <3

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