Friday, October 8

220. Wheeeee!

Yes, I really needed that many "e"'s in my title for today's post because... we have a Wii up in the house now! a sexy black one too. With that silly WiiMotion Plus nonsense. All super-sensitive and such. But to start back further on the day.

I am totally running one 1-1.5 hours of sleep right now. I think it's a mini curse I've developed for the night before I go into the classroom to try to help out. It was another crazy Friday with the kids! I have no idea how I managed not to get kicked, smacked, or punched in the head with all of the flailing going on today. Just sneezed on. :P They were learning about insect this week and we made hats that showed the different parts of an insect! The kids looked so friggin' cute with their ant hats. Each of the six legs were supposed to be accordion folded, or folded back and forth to make a zig-zag. Well, some kids got a little carried away or tad impatient and often ended up just rolling up the strips of papers instead. Either way, this practice made for some crazy and wonky legs coming out of the thorax. I actually made one myself and shall take a picture of it tomorrow, lol.

Some of the most exciting news for today is that there was a Pink Cricut Expression donated to our classroom specifically! How awesome is that! Brand spankin' new with it's three included cartridges. I did play with it a little bit. We are so excited about all of the stuff we'll be able to have the kids make in the classroom. They seemed to really enjoy playing with mine last year. It's so cool. There's a whole story behind that but I don't feel like getting into it, lol. But it's there and drooled over. XD

Then the SO came to pick me up from school once the kids were gone and we went to kinda sorta maybe run errands. Since it was Friday, we went to a local deli and got Ugly Steak subs/ sandwiches. They are so good. I had my first one last week at the insistence of the SO and I am hooked. They only have it available one day a week! Ahh! Then we went shopping.

Anyways, there's a Wii(!) and we're hoping to get everyone to play a little bit tomorrow while we're all hanging out together. We're looking forward to it. It is a surprise to some members of the family. So is the whole ganging up on them to peer pressure them into trying it out. :D I hope they get kinda into it. I think it's a nice thing to bring everyone together other than eating food, lol.

The SO and I have been practicing with the included sports games but neither of us have Wii arm/wrist/elbow yet. I think we're saving it for tomorrow after we teach everyone how to use it only to PWN their faces. Bahahaha! I can't wait! Lol. Something I don't suck at completely!

Teehee. Well, I need to get some rest so see you tomorrow! <3

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