Monday, October 18

230. Hula Hoop

Got some cleaning done today. Insert deep and labored sigh here. I was so game to get a ton done in terms of organizing my room. That is, until I saw it again. Yeah, another sigh here too.

In some attempt to keep myself from mindlessly surfing for something mind-numbing on the internet, I did a quick browse of what Hulu had to offer, bookmarked a few things and have had it playing various shows while I sorted through a few piles. It lets you watch TV episodes and clips from popular shows as well as a couple of movies. Yes, for free and sans a registration. And yes, it does have its limitations. However, just short of getting a DVR or hogging up space on that of others', I've used it to keep up with a few shows this fall.

By this, I pretty much mean Glee. XD I did see some new Family Guy too. It's almost an alternative to having cable TV. Almost.

I need to keep cleaning. Looking at it is kind of depressing, lol. However, before I go:

Happy Birthday, Hann! <3

:D See you tomorrow. <3

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