Tuesday, October 19

231. It Goes On

The night-before tradition carries on in terms of when I go to volunteer.

Two oh so lovely hours of sleep this time around. The kids were as hilarious as ever and energetic. I have a spider bandage on my shirt and had stickers stuck onto my forehead that I just kept on for a little while. The topics they were learning about this month were insects, spiders, and monsters. :D So the cute Halloween themed crafts are in full swing to have them done and ready to take home soon. Too friggin' adorable. The kids made some Frankenstein-looking monsters today and they were hung up out in the hallway as soon as they were finished. I snagged a picture of each student that completed one standing (not always the case, XD) next to it, making their "scariest" faces. I think trying to get them to make the face was the hardest and funniest thing that I tried to do today.

Then, I set the microwave on fire. Believe or not, it was my first time doing so. Hooray... Here's what happened: 

Still frozen Hot Pocket for lunch on a darn glitter foiled fancy paper plate. I thought it was steam I was seeing and then I saw the flames. Released what happened, stopped microwave, blew out flames, proceeded to have a bunch of people pop in asking if someone's food was burnt, and received surprised looks when I admitted to there actually being fire. Good flippin' game, me. The cheap paper towels you see are what I ended up cooking my lava pocket on and I put it all back on the plate to eat. :P The smoke/ fire alarms thankfully did not go off and we cracked a couple of windows to let out the smoke smell before the kids got to school. Lol.

Tomorrow, I'm heading in to help decorate the classroom door and hallway for the holiday. It should be fun. I also may have gotten a few more ladies hooked on the Cricut after working with it today and the Mini Monsters cartridge. A couple of demonstrations and quick lessons and excitement took off. There will probably be more of that tomorrow. Teehee. I should get commission or something. That may be 3 to 4 machines I've pretty much sold by the end of tomorrow. Rofl. If it turns out well, I shall try to snag a few pictures. :)

I took a nap today but I still think I may pass out soon. Baaah. I feel like that saying is true: "Instant human: Just add coffee" except replace coffee with caffeine. I went without it today and it was... a sub-par existence for me, lol. I still am having a lot of fun though and each time I'm there, I feel I'm gaining a little more experience and know-how to give back. It's all pretty exciting. I'm really thankful that at least this personal project has worked out so well and how many people have helped me out. 

I keep leaning back towards my bed, so I think I'm just going to give up trying to stay conscious. XD See you tomorrow! <3

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