Friday, October 22

234. Bumblebees & Cookies

TGIF! Today was crazy hair day. I cut out leafs with my Cricut, attached them to hair ties, and put a bunch of pony tails on my head. It was an energetic end to an energetic week. More Cricut infestation took place, I tromped around in public with my crazy "hair", and then went to a birthday party at a yummy place where we had a lot of fun.

In the evening however, well... I started having a panic attack. The SO and I had a nice long chat- pep talk and hopefully we can make things better as a team soon because I'd really like that and feel that it's necessary. Got to love personal projects about building character and learning about yourself (etc.)

Let's make my recent posts slightly less monotonous:

 Gift bags that we and the kids are working on with help from the Cricut and my ability to sell products that I won't get commission for ever.

My "crazy" hair. 
P.S. I love that sweater-shawl-thing I wore today.

Oh! Bahahaha. I totally forgot to write about what the title of this post refers to. Teehee, I may still be a bit frazzled. Can you tell? At the restaurant, a few of us teacher-like folk were entertaining toddler-aged company by singing: "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee. Won't my mommy be so proud of me?" etc. Well, add onto that verses about squishing, licking, and barfing up bumblebees; elaborate hand gestures; and being seated in the middle of a high traffic area of a currently popular restaurant. Good. Times. Rofl. What makes it even more acceptable in our minds was the fact that there were tons of families there with pretty young kids. I really like being around people who are not afraid to be goofy in public. Towards the end of dinner, we ordered two sampler platters of each type of cookie they had available topped with a scoop of ice cream. We then proceeded to try and eat them assembly line style. XD Some were pretty darn good. I think they are called "pizookies" because it's fresh baked cookies that are topped with vanilla ice cream on a tiny pizza pan plate thinger.

:D I'm little piggie sometimes. I also find the grown-up game of dealing with money when amongst friends very amusing. You'll chase after them and shove bills into whatever you can grab to force them to take some compensation, toss money and run away, etc. It's such a dangerous yet hilarious game.

Lol, I need to try to get some sleep for the first time this week. Possibly a busy day ahead! Hooray. See you tomorrow. <3

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