Saturday, October 30

242. Eve Of An Eve

Is Halloween actually Hallow's Eve? Or is the night before Halloween the Hallow's Eve? Erm. I supposed I shall look that up in a bit. Lol. It just sounded kind of cool in my head. Who knows what is going on up there?

Sadly, one bag of candy of candy has not made it to its final destination. Actually, now that I think about it, that was the bag we got to replace the first bunch we got for the holiday. Whoops! Ha ha, I guess we're more gluttonous than we'd like to admit. Except me. I am entirely the glutton I claim to be. XD I knew this would happen if we cracked the main bag open to "sneak" out a "few". It's a good thing that we bought a back up for our back up. Earlier, I declared that our unopened and final bag of candy would be the one that we would munch on tomorrow as we wait for trick or treaters to arrive. From what I gather, it's a bit touch and go, fluctuating through the years. I hope to see some kids in costumes.

I think the main reason why this head cold is dragging on is my severe lack of sleep. Last night I feel asleep sitting on the couch, wrapped up in my fluffy pink robe, and with my laptop burning a hole through my lap. Well, it wasn't so much falling asleep as it was passing the heck out. Good game me. I couldn't have done the sensible thing and gone to bed when I first thought I should. Lol.

The cats are getting along slightly better today with one acting all funny at my feet right now. He's kind of searching around my legs and the pile of stuff I'm sorting through then creeping behind the bedroom door as if he's scoping out to make sure no one is hiding behind something waiting to jump out and surprise him. Then he just walks out of the room again. Weirdo cat. Lol.

I got a little more unburied, cleaned, and packed for storage today. Sigh, the more I think about it, the more I feel that I can pack up everything but my clothes and keep it in the garage. My door is right across from it anyways. It's not like grabbing anything would require much of a commute. Bah to area constraints. Maybe I'll take a break from homework tomorrow to carve some of the family pumpkins. :D That sounds like fun. And maybe I can convince everyone to help out a little bit. We'll see.

Hope you've gotten your costumes and party supplies all figured out! See you tomorrow. <3

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