Tuesday, October 12

224. State Of Being

How weird. I wrote a quick entry and posted it, only to find that it disappeared on me. Anyways.

I came to a conclusion today that I pretty much enjoy living life like a bachelor. I like to just chill out at home in sweats and either play video games or watch them be played in good company. This is ignoring the whole being cuddly thing. I came to this conclusion while munching on some cold leftover pepperoni pizza, realizing how content I was with my current surroundings.


Most of the "fun" part of my day was full of dealing with my game. There was a major content patch to download over the course of a few hours, install for a few more hours, and sort through- which is going to take probably at least a week. So insane, but it has ingrained itself into my soul so I have no choice to but to go with the flow and figure everything out. Who doesn't love the past five years of their life being turned upside down yet again? Ugh. So many changes. Why?! Lol.

I was going to write more about something but I'm currently being headbutted in the face by a very persistent and oddly-behaving kitty cat. What *spits out fur* on earth?? XD

See you tomorrow. <3

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