Saturday, October 23

235. Build Up

I guess I have a head cold or something. It's mild enough that I think it's only going to last three days, at the most. If it doesn't, I'm kind of in trouble, lol. I've been able to kind of see myself and realize how zonked out I am because my actions and views are a bit off but the pressure inside my head keep punching to get out. Oh if only we could attach a faucet to the spot just above the bridge of your nose and open it up to let everything out. That would be kind of fantastic.

Got some of "my" native food today with the SO and FMIL. :) That was fun and good. We had tons of left overs. Also, I actually did a bit of work on the recipe book that I had put on hold for a little while. I'm starting to add titles and a few simple embellishments with the Cricut. I really do not have many cute fonts. Ones that I own now are pretty stylized in that they resemble fancy handwriting. I purposely got that cart with that and the phrases in mind for my card-making but for themed scrapbooking... eh. Maybe I should keep that in mind as I peruse the sites.

Okay, my dry nose is making it hurtful to breath so I should probably take care of that now. See you tomorrow! <3

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