Friday, October 15

227. Doorway

Sometimes, it's the moments and little things that make you forget everything else that happened that day.

Oh wait, there was a wicked storm earlier. It was wicked in how suddenly it formed, how quick it thundered into down, and how strong the burst of gusts were. We rushed around to do what little errands we had when it started to rain, but I think we were spared in a pocket. Hadn't seen one like that since moving here. It appeared around the mountain and was suddenly on top of us in about 15 minutes. The huffing and puffing was a good hour. Too odd.

Anywho, kitty has been very affectionate and cuddly the past few days. When he was begging for my attention earlier, I decided to follow him, just in case. Sometimes, he'll lead you to his food dish or water bowl (or sink if he really wants fresh running water dripping from the tap) when they're empty. Other times, he's been known to lead us to creepy crawlies of all sorts that we missed noticing. Or sometimes he just wants attention or is being a tad weird, lol. I followed him into another room, frequently stopping as he paused to check to see if he still had my full attention, until we got to the front entryway. I thought he was going to sniff at the door and want it to be opened  even though he doesn't fully grasp that it leads to the outdoors. However, he was starting to rub up against the corner by the coat closet. So, I opened and held it open a bit so he could investigate.

Man, oh man. I think I rocked that kitty's world.
It was as if I just opened the wardrobe door to freakin' Narnia!

He was so stunned. I guess he had forgotten that there was a door and a space behind it in that corner. He jumped back a few inches and froze in a crouched position for a split second, looked up at me in utter horror, and then bolted back into the living room where his dad was. I laughed so hard. It's not like surprised him with the action, he watched me do it, it was the result that stunned him. As I tried to explain to the SO what had just happened, kitty went back into that other room and was sitting in front of the re-closed door about a foot away sniffing at the scents coming out from underneath. It's a pretty big gap beneath the door too, I honestly thought that maybe he saw a bug to in and wanted help getting at it.

Oh kitty, you're hilarious and sweet. You totally brightened up an otherwise fairly tense day. I hope that you can find some little moment that lifts up your day each day. See you tomorrow. <3

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