Wednesday, October 27

239. And They're Off!

You can almost hear the sound of galloping in the air. Rofl. Nothing all that exciting or real.

Another nearly sleepless night and day in the classroom. I finished my compilation and quick reference guide for the ladies. We were hoping to keep track of who is getting what cartridges and the general subject matter on each. I love finding the "hidden treasures" on many of these carts. For some, the main images are not all that interesting, but the feature and accessories that are included are just so fantastic.

It seems that I'm really slacking since I'm the one being blamed for this creative mess. Lol, my successors are quickly surpassing me in quantity and despite their teasing, I cannot seem to bring myself to get another cartridge just to get one. Oh man, it hurts resisting. Lol.

However, with the announcement of the impending releases of Quarter Note and Wrap It Up (as well as Ornamental Iron, Paper Lace, Car Decals, & Sesame Street Seasons) carts and the three newest seasonal mini carts such as Winter Lace (plus Gingerbread & Trim the Tree)... I may be saving up my pennies. :P Who knows.

Another night of the family playing Wii (Wheeee!), which is always fun, and we will be really cracking down in the near future to take care of business. *Starts singing *Takin' care of business! Yeah! Takin' care of business. *Guitar solo ensues* Bahahaha.

Kitty is becoming braver, I believe that there were less fights today. He and I were actually cuddling earlier when I flopped down to space out after coming home from school. It was so sweet and he became jealous over the fact that I was texting with the hand that was closest to his face when it should have been petting him like that other one was. Rofl. He first stretched and reached out, resting his paws on that hand as I tried to text. When I finished writing, he had pulled himself forward just enough to start nudging said disobedient hand. He is so terribly cute and I adore him so much.

I'm slightly cringing at the thought of all the down and dirty manual labor we have planned for the house. I wore some boots today and I think they make me a bit more reckless/ brave. Ha ha. I climbed all over stored furniture to access a now obscure corner of the garage to seek out any autumn holiday decorations. I found some Halloween stuff, even less Thanksgiving items, and grabbed a pot with a huge dead roach inside of it. Yum. I'm ready to purge, organize, and re-store away. Bring it! Ignore the hint of whimpering you may here. Oh, and the solitary tear running down my cheek. Lol.

It's is overall a really good thing for everyone and this is what matters. The dust will settle and weights shall be lifted away. Hopefully a newer view shall arise from the ashes sooner rather than later. Here's hoping.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow! Maybe I'll sneak in a peek at some of the chaos. Lol, or I can leave you as minimally traumatized as possible. :P See you tomorrow. <3

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